The grass isn’t greener


You know you have times in your life when you are ready to call it quits on your relationship, but you must ask yourself is the grass greener? I know of some situations in which persons have ran out of one bad situation to another. First of all, you have to reflect on what is the problem? How did you contribute to the problem? What can you do different? What results do you want to have? What results can you live with? Now this is not for “extreme” situations i.e. abuse or infidelity… I am talking about situations in which a mere change in your outlook/mentality, your attitude, your response to your mate can elicit a change in your relationship. When your tired of being unhappy, you have the choice. The only person you can change is yourself. If you make a change in you, just imagine how your POSITIVE changes can affect your relationships. Best believe your authenticity to change will be challenged. But Isn’t it worth a try?? Read Reality Check: Stepmother Chronicles by Anjalon Edwards, LMSW available at amazon, barnes&noble and


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